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Nancy Boyer

Dr. Chris performed a total knee replacement for me. I was in the hospital 3 days. I was walking down the hall the next day. He came to see me after being in the OR for 9 hours. I felt like he gave me special care but I know that's how he treats all his patients. When I went home, he called me 3 times personally to check on me. I was back to work in 4 1/2 weeks. My husband and I tell everyone if you need to have surgery on your knee, Dr. Chris is the best doctor to have.

Evelyn Jefferson

I had a total knee replacement in December, 2008. I did all my homework before hand, checked out many surgeons and it always came back to Dr. Chris. He and his team, Michael, Kristen, Sue are amazing. They totally exceeded all my expectations. They went out of their way to explain everything to me. No matter how busy they are, they take the time to answer every question. When I was released from the hospital, Michael gave me his cell phone number in case I had any problems, which I did not! I waited to give my testimonial because I wanted to take my first trip after surgery, which I did last week. It was perfect, I boarded the plane, walked thru airports,schlepped bags and after a long trip, got stuck at the Pittsburgh airport, due to snow. I had to walk thru 12" of snow, up a very long hill to get to my hotel and before my knee surgery, there was no way I could ever have done that - I did it with no problems, what-so-ever!! Thank you Dr. Chris and Mike - you guys are wonderful and have given me a new lease on life. I love you guys!!


The best doctor ever!

Adam Noel

On Jan. 25 2010 I broke my collarbone into about 4-5 fragments snowboarding. I went to hospital got xrays took them to the first surgeon he told me " you don't need surgery it will heal itself " I left thinking if would heal. A week later still with intense pain, I went to see Dr. Bellicini (aka Dr. B). He comes into the room takes maybe 2 looks at xrays and said I will need surgery asap! Being that he is the best around he of coarse was all booked up, so he managed to fit me it after his other surgeries on his late nite. That should me a sign of caring that you don't get most other places. The surgery went great, Dr. B was intouch with me right after surgery. One thing I did learn was you can be a great doctor but if you don't have a good team behind you it doesn't mean anything. I am now seeing Dr. Mike, physicians assistant. He is just as nice and professional as Dr. B I am glad to have been worked on by such educated and polite staff. Best surgeons office in Pa, use this testamonial as a reccomendation.

Linda Sladky

For several years I have had progressively worsening pain in both of my knees. Over the counter meds, pain meds, injections and physical therapy did little to relieve the pain. I was no longer able to shop for fun, stand to bake or do many of the things other people take for granted. On January 7, 2010, Dr Belicini replaced my left knee. The arthritic pain was gone and I began resuming many activities that other people take for granted. On March 25, 2010, Dr Belicini replaced my right knee. I'm now doing so many things that I had previously had to give up. I'll return to work soon, able to give so much more to my patients. By the way, I'm an RN employed in critical care by Excela. I've seen a lot and know that Dr Bellicini is a fantastic doctor. I can only extend high praise when anyone asks what I think of him and his group. Bless you Dr Bellicini! Thank you for giving me back my life!


Dr. Bellicini is the best doctor. I hurt my arm playing football. I got a green cast in the office like Shrek. Now my arm feels so much better and I'm ready to play football again.

Mary Lou Kokoska

Dear Dr. Bellicini
I had a total knee replacement done on Aug. 17th under the new replacement program. and found it to a very good program very helpful and informative. Thank you so much for all the care and thoughtfulness from you and your staff during this experience. I thank you again Dr. Bellicini for everything. Always Mary Lou Kokoska

roy ernest ott jr.

On may 6,2010 .Dr. Bellicini performed bi-lateral knee replacements on me. After going 35+ years without cartilages in both knees, it was time to eliminate the years of severe pain,especially at the end of the day ,and at bedtime. Immediately after surgery my pain was subsiding.The next day i was up walking with assistance,no pain. My advise to anyone who is thinking about knee replacements is, listen to Dr. Bellicini and Mike, his PA,they will help. Afterwards, please listen to the nurses and physical therapy/rehab staff. They have years of experience to assist you through your recovery/rehab process. A special thanks to all,godspeed in 2011.